Orbiter Finance Airdrop Confirmed: Do these task for Eligible

9/11/2023 10:16:00 AM

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized bridge exclusively tailored for Layer-2 blockchains. A recent tweet from them strongly suggests an airdrop is on the horizon!

First step:

I recommend making swaps between networks that might have potential airdrops!

2nd Step:

I recommend making a large number of transactions, and here's why: Orbiter awards badges based on the number of transactions you complete.
  • Trainee Pilot - 3-9
  • Pilot - 10-49
  • Elite Pilot - 50-99
  • Expert Pilot - 100-499
  • Ace Pilot - 500

3rd Step:

4th Step:

Chances are the snapshot has been taken, but I feel it doesn't hurt to try anyway.

Making swaps is a win-win: we're lining up for the Orbitrum airdrop while simultaneously leveling up our wallet for potential airdrops from other projects.
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