Zora Expected Airdrop: Bridge + NFT Claim

7/04/2023 08:15:00 PM

Zora, a popular platform for creators and brands to create NFTs, has launched its own blockchain network called the Zora Network. This network is designed to support creatives and minimize costs. It is built on Optimism's technology and utilizes Ethereum for security.

Haun Ventures, the new firm founded by Katie Haun, has taken the lead in a funding round for NFT startup Zora Labs. The round, which raised $50 million, values Zora Labs at $600 million.

  • Total Cost: $10-12
  • Airdrop Chance: High (Because we are doing Bridge and Mint nft on mainnet)


  • https://bridge.zora.energy/
  • $0.0032 amount bridge ETH to Zora network
  • After Bridge click on Withdraw button then click on Switch Network for add Zora chain to metamask

Mint NFT

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