Sui Bullshark Quests 2 - Complete 4 Defi for Confirm Sui Airdrop

7/29/2023 09:07:00 AM

Introducing Bullshark Quests 2 – a new way for Bullshark holders to earn SUI rewards and other perks. 

  • Quest Website:
  • Time: July 28 -Aug 28
  • For Quest 2, we’re excited to expand eligibility to holders of either a SuiFrens Bullshark or Capy collectible. In order to be eligible, you must have a SuiFrens Capy or Bullshark in your account and you can join the Quest at any time during the Quest period. so if you buy now, you can join. If you don't have, you can buy sui bullshark from
  • The reward pool: 5M SUI
  • 2.5M SUI : Top 10,000 players
  • 2.5M SUI : All Eligible players. To be eligible for the prize pool, you must play all of four defi at least once.
  • You need to keep 5 Sui for complete all task. You can back it too.
  • NAVI – native one stop liquidity protocol
  • Turbos – hyper-efficient decentralized crypto marketplace
  • Scallop – next generation Money Market
  • Typus Finance – real yield infrastructure

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