Altlayer Confirmed Airdrop: Complete Phase 3 and Claim 400 Point - $0 Cost

7/28/2023 08:46:00 PM

Altlayer Altitude Phase 3 will end in less than 20 days!In this quest, they have collaborated with Eigen Layer. Here is how to complete it for any potential #Airdrop.

Altlayer Altitude: Testnet trial for AltLayer OGs, developers & community. Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) protocol. 

It has raised $7.2M from investors Polychain, Jump, Balaji Srinivasan.

Note: This campaign will run till 13th August 2023 at 11:59 pm UTC. Remember, you’ll have up to the 16th of August 2023 00:00 AM UTC to claim loyalty points for completed activities as long as they are performed by the 13th August deadline.

On-chain credentials (create restaking tier) may take up to a week to be populated;

Task 1

Task 2

  • Follow Altlayer on Twitter (X).
  • Verify.

Before proceeding to task 3, you need to complete these steps.
  • Convert $GETH to $stETH:
  • Claim some $GETH: or can mint
  • Set network on Metamask to "Goerli".
  • Send some $GETH (at least 0.015) to this address in order to convert it into $stETH: 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F
  • Go to Metamask and click on "Import tokens".
  • Enter this contract: 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F
  • Swap some $GETH to $rETH:
  • Open:
  • Stake at least 0.015 GETH.
  • Import the token in Metamask by entering this contract address in Metamask: 0x178E141a0E3b34152f73Ff610437A7bf9B83267A
  • Restaking on Eigenlayer testnet:
  • Open:
  • Select "Rocket Pool Ether".
  • Deposit at least 0.015 rETH.
  • Go back and select "Lido Staked Ether".
  • Deposit at least 0.015 stETH.

Task 3

  • Click on "Launch App":
  • Connect wallet.
  • Click on "Create"
  • Choose "Restaking Trial" and confirm.
  • Click "Proceed".
  • Enter a unique name.
  • Click on "Validate address ownership".
  • Click "Create".
Now you can go back to Galxe and click on the verify button.

Task 4

  • Simply retweet the said tweet.
  • Click on "Verify".
Previous Altlayer task completed

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