Top 5 Most Used NFT Marketplace

9/09/2021 09:32:00 AM

The article presents a comprehensive overview of the top NFT marketplaces currently available in the market. These platforms are considered the best for buying, selling and trading digital assets, non-fungible tokens, and other types of digital collectibles.

1/ Opensea

Opensea is a leading marketplace for digital goods, such as collectibles, video game objects, and digital art. It is a decentralized platform that enables users to buy and sell NFTs internationally without any centralized authority having access to the assets. Additionally, it provides extensive tools for artists and buyers of NFTs to facilitate their work.

2/ Super Rare

Super Rare is another top-notch NFT marketplace, having raised 9 million dollars from large investors such as SamsungNext, Sea Ventures, and Mark Cuban. This platform, which has been available since 2018, charges a 3% transaction fee for all works sold and 15% for keeping works on display.

3/ Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway, a NFT platform, was acquired by the Winklevoss twins in November 2019 and is now valued at over 1.2 billion US dollars. The platform has gained significant attention in recent weeks due to highly successful sales from artists like Grimes, Kings of Leon, and Beeple.

4/ Atomic HUB

Atomic HUB is a standard for non-fungible tokens. It allows anyone to tokenize and create digital assets to buy, sell, and auction using the Atomic Hub marketplace. The platform also features cards for games such as Slinterlands.

5/ VIV3

VIV3 is a general market for the Flow blockchain, and it allows for creating NFTs. It mainly has the mission of empowering one billion people to create and trade. This smart contract platform is highly scalable and offers the performance required for general-level applications.

Overall, these marketplaces are the go-to options for those looking to buy, sell and trade NFTs, digital assets, and other types of digital collectibles. They provide users with a safe and secure environment to conduct transactions and offer a wide range of tools and features to enhance the user experience.

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